Why Invest in a Postgraduate/Prep Program?


Ridgeview Preparatory & Sports Academy is devoted exclusively to the education and maturity of young men during their postgraduate year of study. We offer a post-secondary academic and basketball preparatory program that provides alternative/additional services to student-athletes that:


               - Were unsuccessful in qualifying academically for college admissons

               -  Need another year to mature academically or athletically before college 



A postgraduate, or "PG year"  is a full academic year of study generally completed between graduation from high school and entering a college or university. There are numerous reasons for pursuing a PG year:


  1. A student may need another year after high school to develop basic academic skills

  2. A student-athlete may need to concentrate on developing/increasing scores from high school and/or ACT/SAT to qualify for college

  3. A student-athlete may have discovered their athletic talent too late in a school career to gain the notice of college coaches and need an additional year to be recruited 

  4. A student-athelete may need an additional year for a college search, rather than commit to a college that may not meet their academic and/or athletic goals 

  5. A young graduate may need an additional year to mature prior to college


College admission offices generally appreciate PG year programs of study as they enhance the probability that students will be well-prepared to be successful in a college setting. The concept of a postgraduate or "prep," year between high school and college is not new and hundreds of colleges across the nation enroll students each year from postgraduate programs. 


Participation in sports during a PG year does not affect NCAA eligibility and may actually enhance a student-athlete's chances to play a sport in college.  Since all students at Ridgeview Preparatory & Sports Academy are postgraduates, athletic competition frequently involves collegiate opponents in contest with college freshmen or junior varsity teams.  Student-athletes gain the valuable experience of competing at the college level and have the opportunity to perform in front of college coaches and scouts while still preparing for the academic challenges of college.