Ridgeview Preparatory has a rolling admisson policy !

     Ridgeview Preparatory  has a rolling admission policy, which means that a student may apply anytime the school year .We seek to enroll quality students with the ability to meet the demands of our program successfully and with the desire to contribute to the Academy by participating in all aspects of campus life.


     The admission process at Ridgeview Preparatory & Sports Academy is designed to be an exchange of information between the young man and the Admission Committee. Therefore, we invite prospective students and their families to schedule an interview. This interview provides an opportunity for the family to learn first-hand what makes the Ridgeview community a dynamic environment of open, warm, and talented people, and for the Admission Committee to learn about the personal qualities and goals of the candidate.


     In making an admission decision, Ridgeview Preparatory considers not only a candidate’s high school grades                        and SAT or ACT scores, but also his:

  •  motivation to pursue a postgraduate year

  •  potential to succeed in the Ridgeview Preparatory  program

  • commitment to this program

  • character


     To make this determination, the following steps are required of all applicants:


                Application Steps


 1.   Call or write to the Admission Office, or complete the online inquiry form to request an application.


  2.  Schedule a phone interview with the Ridgeview Preparatory Admission Office. Interviews are conducted Monday through Friday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Candidates interested in playing a particular sport may schedule a phone conference with a member of the Coaching Staff and learn the dates of try outs . Typically the interview lasts for about an hour.


  3.  Complete and mail the following forms to the Admission Office:

       — Application, including the essay or use our Online Application

       — High school transcript

       — English teacher recommendation

       — Math teacher recommendation

       — Character reference letters by non family member(2)

       — SAT or ACT scores



                    Accepted Students

CONgratulations ! You’ve been accepted to Ridgeview Preparatory & Sports Academy. So now what? In your acceptance package you should have received an enrollment agreement. This should be signed by you and your parent or parents and returned with your enrollment deposit* in the envelope provided by the due date indicated in your acceptance letter. If you have been awarded a financial aid package, you should sign the award letter and send that back to us as soon as possible. If you are interested in obtaining financial aid but have not yet filed, please do so as soon as possible as financial assistance is limited.


*Typically, the enrollment deposit is $3,000.


Financial aid is based on need and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.We respectfully ask that you consider our program and encourage you to apply! 

You can also request more information with this form:

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