Welcome to Our Family!

     We know how important education is in creating successful outcomes for our young people. It is not always easy for them to see the bends and turns in a road that we as adults know so well! Here at Ridgeview Preparatory and Sports Academy, we believe that all students should have access to the tools that they need to make good choices and become successful. As a postgraduate program, our mission is clear:


     To create a supportive learning community that prepares student-athletes to be responsible leaders.We provide access to the training and skill development necessary for success in higher education.   Our competitive athletics program promotes leadership on and off the court, while affording student-athletes the opportunity to engage the community.  We aspire to to prepare them for their roles as world citizens.


     Let our family help your family prepare your student-athlete for success this year and into their college career!

Ridgeview Panther Pride!


     The Ridgeview Program is an eight-month academic and athletic program created to serve student-athletes who would like to pursue academic careers that include college basketball. Our program runs from late August through April with a focus on preparing our students for college success.  We provide them with opportunitites to sharpen and showcase their basketball talent.


     We  are equipped to serve both national and international students and pride ourselves in running an institution that both prepares the student-athlete and the maturing young leader. Panther pride is REAL and our high expectations for ourselves and our students shows up in every aspect of our program and the ways that we groom our young men.

     We know that your family has a tough decision to make when choosing a post-secondary program , but we believe that Ridgeview  Preparatory and Sports Academy has the right balance of academics, athletics, and service.


We respectfully ask that you consider our program and encourage you to apply! 


Our Values

At Ridgeview, we believe:


  • All students have the right to reach their fullest potential and thrive

  • True leadership promotes diplomacy, respect for diversity, a broadened worldview and a positive attitude  (both on and off the court)

  • A strong school community provides the best conditions for learning and growth.

  • Student-Athletes should be engaged in their community through service.

Our Vision

At Ridgeview Preparatory and Sports Academy, we aim to discover, develop and inspire the character of young people at the intersection of academics and athletics!


Ridgeview Preparatory & Sports Academy  is built upon three pillars – Character, Education, and Endless Possibilities.  It is a place where student-athletes are encouraged to be excellent for the purpose of reaching their highest potential!